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We are a new stud, which started out in 2011, following the purchase of 26 cows from the dispersal of the Forres stud in Dungog.  The aim of The Racecourse stud is to breed cattle that are structurally sound, docile, and have excellent all-round EBVs.

Our Aims

At The Racecourse we are focusing on breeding yearling 'heifer bulls' with high positive values for calving ease and short gestation lengths.  Apart from calving ease and low birth weight, the traits that are being optimized include growth, eye muscle area, intra-muscular fat, fertility and $ index values.
To do this, we use AI as a way to introduce some of the top bull genetics from Australia, New Zealand and the USA, into our herd. 


Bulls that we are currently using include:

Te Mania Berkley B1 (all round great EBVs);

Ayrvale Hercules H9, Ayrvale Genetic G11, Paringa Judd J5 and Deer Valley All In 2138 (excellent calving ease and gestation length as well as 200, 400 and 600 day weights, fertility and docility).


In Summary

We hope that, long term, our heifers will form the basis of a herd which has sound, pleasing to the eye cattle and produce bulls that perform well as yearlings.